Sacred Image Portraiture started with a burning desire to give back to my community. To show my deep gratitude to those who selflessly gave in my time of deepest need, I decided to give back to each of them in the highest way I was able; unique, beautiful reflections of their Sacred Image. I started this artistic give-back over two years ago and continue to create new portraits for members of my community to this day. Each Sacred Image is a product of intensive attention, intuition, and diligently cleared and purified perception that gets to the root each subjects divine nature. I am overjoyed to finally be able to share these pieces with the greater public, and I deeply hope you find some essence, spark or inspiration through my artwork and creative adventure. If you are interested in a portrait for yourself or a loved one, for a teacher or role model you wish to honor, or for any other Sacred Image you wish to be brought to life and vision, I would be delighted to make your vision a reality. All support goes directly to the funding of my artistic and spiritual exploration, funding the substantial amount of time and energy that each work requires to fully give birth to the God or Goddess within. 

 In Gratitude,

Zack Mitchell